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Mobile Home Foreclosure

Manufactured House for Sale in Austin, Texas

Sale Price: $595,000

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Mobile Home for Sale

This property is in default, REO or in foreclosure.
Home Area: 2,622 sqft
Lot Size: 6,970 sqft
Model: 2016
Status: Active
Property ID: 891339 ID: 417475419
Posted on: Jan 03, 2018
Updated on: Jan 06, 2018
Price: $595,000

Property Description

This property is up for Auction because the owner couldn't make their payments, even after a grace period expired. This property will be sold to the highest bidder at the location below, or at the county courthouse on the date listed. It is possible to win an auction at an attractive price, especially if few bidders show up. If available, the auction's starting minimum bid (the smallest amount you can offer for the home) is provided.