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I had a 2020 mobile home listed with Craigslist for 3 months and received 2 calls about the listing, both requesting a reduced cost.  I then listed the same with Troy on [MHBay and] for a minimal price per month.  The process was very easy and effortless.  I received 7 calls and sold the mobile home within 30 days at full price.  This is certainly a great venue for selling property.

Grace Moon


To Susan and MHBay,

I would like to take a moment to inform you all that I have found my home and am very happy. I would like to thank you for all your efforts in assisting me. I am satisfied with my purchase and have recommended your website to many other people with great praise. As it stands at the moment I no longer am in need of your assistance. At my age I doubt I ever will again. However, I will continue to spread the word on how I found my home and who put forth the effort to help make that happen.

Again, I thank you for your assistance.



Thanks, Susan! MHBay was a wonderful resource – so happy to have found you and our wonderful new home.

– Karen


Dear Susan:

I appreciate your quick response and will definitely place any future ads with your company. I will also tell friends about your excellent service. Thanks, again.

– Betty Anne


Thank You, during the time on your web site, I received more calls than any other form of marketing(local MLS, Realcomp MLS and Loopnet). The calls received came from other States of the United States and Canada. The offer on the mobile home park, is just that; an Offer. If, the sale does not close, I will be back with you and renew my subscription. Thank You.

– Jim Zanglin



I have been searching for months now on new business ventures and I have to say your web site is clearly the best! It displays vivid imagination and details descriptions of exactly what the buyer or seller are looking for. Thanks again for also making it user friendly!! Keep up the great work.

– Don Cooper



I do have to say I can definitely see the interest off MHBay, I get a lot of responses off my ad, I only wish I had more ready to go and our electric project done, but I did want to let you know the feedback I am getting off the adds I do have. thank you.

– Lynn


“We found our dream home on MHBay. Not only was it exactly what we were looking for, but it was priced so reasonably that we could not believe it. We had never bought anything “used” before, but the condition was excellent and the price was a bargain. We never thought that we could afford a home this nice. Thanks MHBay for making our dream come true”

– Annette R. (Missouri)



I have had 2 homes on MHBay for only 2 weeks. I have had 4 responses from those listings. People are looking online and finding our homes.  YAY!!  I thought you would like an update on how things are going.

– Melanie


MHBay, I do all the web listings for Discovery Homes Inc. and I really like the new site. Sometimes when a website says “New and Improved”, I cringe. It is more than likely “new and confusing”. I, on the other hand, give the new MH Bay site a two thumbs up. Thank you.

– Cindy at Discovery Homes Inc.


My mobile home at … Evansville, Wisconsin … has SOLD. Thank you for you assistance with that endeavor!

– Thomas D.


I used your site twice to sell the same mobile home. (1st buyer had to back out due to illness.) The incredible thing is, both buyers were outside my immediate selling area (2-4hours away) and after seeing it with a picture on your site, decided it was what they wanted. Granted, the overall good condition of it sealed the deal when they came and physically looked at it. But non the less, they would never have seen it without you site.
Thanks again for your service.
– Dave


We appreciate this service! Our post appeared on Mon and we received a call at 5:30 p.m. He bought the home today! Please remove our post as we continue to receive e-mails and phone calls inquiring about the home. I can’t believe it was sold to the first person to respond within just a few hours!!!! Thank you!!!!!

– Donna Combs


I want to let you know that the mobile homes has sold. Thank you for advertising it for us. I think this is a wonderful service to the people. Thanks you so much.

– Anonymous


This sold 2 days after it was listed! thanks so much for everything!

– Valerie


Thanks for everything!!! We moved out of it in September and I only had put an ad in my local paper with few calls and no results. I wish I had found your website sooner, we had many calls and quick results. A friend of mine is moving out of hers this summer and I already told her about your website. Thanks again!

– Jennifer


Within hours of listing, I received an interested buyer. Great site you provide. Thanks,

– Ron


Thank you so much!!! This has been a great experience in selling my mobile home. I received numerous calls on it and it sold faster than I expected. Thanks again.

– Cindy


The only comment I have is that you were a great help to me and whoever it is that owns this site is doing a great service to those of us that don’t have the money to advertise otherwise. Thanks!

– Bob


We had a wonderful experience with your website. We would definitely recommend it to anyone and plan to! We had plenty of interested buyers and sold our mobile in less than 3 weeks! Thanks again…

– The Mullins Family


We have sold our home. We really appreciate your site for our listing. We did have several calls. Your site was easy to use. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks,

– The Stanyards


Will you please put sold on my listing. This website is excellent. I had my trailer on there less than a week and it sold. Thanks,

– Stuart


Just thought I would drop you a line and tell you we sold our house yesterday! Thank your for all of your help,

– JoAnn


Thank you so much! I really hope this speeds the sale of my home. I also must say that I have had three calls and one person to look at my home- all of which found it on your site. I appreciate your work!

– Linda


Thank you for all your help in renting and selling our property. Your site will be highly recommended. Thank you,

– Dom


Your service is fantastic. Easy to use and effective. Thank you.

– Todd


Thank you MHBAY for such a quick sale. You are the best.

– David


Thanks to your site!!!!!!!!!! I had several responses/inquiries from your site. I really appreciate your help in selling my home!

– Diane


WE SOLD THE HOME. I really appreciate all the calls and the attention. I have told several people about your site. I will use you guys again if I ever have the need again. Please either remove the listing or list it as sold. thanks

– Tracy


Your site was wonderful. I had 12 inquiries on my Manufactured Home and I’m happy to say there is a new owner. It is leaving the park today. Thanks so much for your wonderful website and your wonderful service. Cheers,

– Jim


We have sold this home. Thank you so much. This site was responsible for selling our home quickly after paying for a another site and getting few responses. Thanks again!!!!!

– J. Forneris


The home has been sold and you may now remove the ad. Thank you for your services, if I know of anyone who needs them I will recommend you.

– S. Candler


Thank you so much for your services, my trailer is now SOLD!

– Kim


I had great luck with So many people saw my trailer it was starting to be a nuisance with all the phone calls about the trailer. I sold it the first week that I put it on your site. Thanks for everything.

– Mrs.Behrens


Thank you for having such a great web site. We sold our mobile in 2 months. We were bombarded with phone calls in just a few short days of listing with your site. I think this is a wonderful tool for people trying to sell a manufactured home. Thank you,

– Amy


I sold my mobile home in Wisconsin in 2 days from your website! Thank you!

– Robert H.


THANK YOU very much for the information you provided me. It’s a great start. I appreciate it greatly.

– Candy


I actually got very good response from your web site. I still am getting letters and people asking if the house is for sale. Your web site works great! Thank you for letting me advertise and help with removal of ad. Sincerely yours,

– Dorota