Manufactured homes have come a long way since the 1950’s. The modern manufactured home has larger rooms, better flow and higher ceilings than anything you have ever seen before. And the exteriors are more attractive than ever before, with even the option of vinyl siding and shingled roofs.  But the most amazing new feature of manufactured homes is some stellar interior design. If you have not seen these new interior designs, then you owe it to yourself to take a look. 


New colors Whether it’s Clayton Homes, Fleetwood, Legacy – or any of a number of other manufacturers – you will be amazed at how bright and tasteful the new interiors are. The old, dark wood-paneled days are over.  In their place are bright accent colors and tasteful undertones. Carpets are neutral, walls are attractive earth-tones, and then there are splashes of color to lighten it up. The overall effect is seemingly larger rooms and a more elegant look – but with a splash of fun. 


Improved kitchen and bathroom design If you like the best of modern kitchen and bathroom design, then you’re going to love what you see in the latest manufactured homes.  You cannot tell the difference between the kitchen and bathrooms in a manufactured home and the latest brick custom home. They have the same counter tops, cabinet facings, sinks, fixtures – everything.  The designers at Clayton, Fleetwood, Legacy and others have done their homework, and the end result are the best designs and execution the manufactured home industry has ever seen. 


Top-of-the line details And not just the general design has improved, but even the attention to detail, such as door handles and cabinet pulls. Gone are the old, cheap gold-toned plastic items, and they have been replaced with solid-metal with brushed nickel finish.  You will also find upgrades on closet doors, built-in cabinetry, flooring quality – just about every finish-out item you can name. Even the front door now often features solid, quality locks and hardware, and a leaded-glass window. From end to end, the manufacturers have spared no expense in making the modern manufactured home up to par with what you see in design magazines. 


Conclusion If you have not seen modern manufactured homes – but are working from the slate of the old mobile home product – then you owe it to yourself and your family to see what’s really going on behind those walls. You will be absolutely amazed at the spaciousness and quality of design in the modern homes. The evolution of the home design has risen to such a high level that it’s hard to imagine that it can be improved on. 


By Frank Rolfe 

Frank Rolfe is a mobile home park investor and owns over 100 parks with his partner Dave Reynolds. Frank also leads regular Mobile Home Park Investing Bootcamps through the