There is a question you must ask yourself: “Are you working to live, or are you living to work?” Exploring this question a bit more, the real question is about the type of lifestyle you want for yourself – and it has everything to do with where you live.

If your commute takes forever, if you fear for your safety when you lock your door at night, or if you lie awake sleepless, worrying whether your children are prepared for the future because you can’t afford a home somewhere else, then you are living to work.

When you must slog through traffic for hours to work or sleep with one eye open in case someone tries to steal the patio furniture, it’s time to question your actions.

Choices Exist So You Can Have It All

If you work in a metropolitan area, then affordable homes may be found only on the outskirts of the city and far from work, meaning you’ll see the inside of your car more than your living room! You’re probably part of the 10.8 million Americans with commute times over an hour. While housing values in a big city tend to be significantly lower—the average house value in Detroit, MI is $44,000, a whopping $250,000 difference than Ann Arbor, MI—they often come with the challenges of urban crime and under-resourced educational systems.

But, you probably want it all – a good home in a nice neighborhood close to work with great schools for the kids. Therefore, the key to home ownership is location.

So, don’t scrap your job – rather, find a new location in which to live. When there are mobile homes for sale in peaceful, thriving communities, why suffer from the strain of your long commute or the struggles that come from owning a home in a dangerous neighborhood with few options for a good education? Neither will ever bring you peace of mind.

The American Dream Is Possible

Manufactured homes solve the problem by providing affordable living in beautiful communities that let you stay near work – a modern solution that balances work and home life. The choice to purchase a mobile home for sale in a good school district, close to work, and within a safe neighborhood eliminates the stress and fear ruling your life. Balance does exist, and you would have time back in your life to do something else besides drive to work or fret about security.

Imagine if you could take a break from the stress and fear – think about the volume of things you could accomplish. With a shorter commute, you would have more time in the mornings to see your family and more time in the evenings for a hobby or other activity; without the fear of crime in your neighborhood, you might enjoy more time outdoors or find yourself relaxed enough to enjoy your home; and without the concern for your children’s education, you might have more to help them focus on planning for their future.

Cost of Living Versus Quality Of Living

It is simple to see the trade-offs to purchasing a single-family house—if it’s in a neighborhood with prime school systems, the cost will be commensurate, and if it’s affordable, the price tag may reflect the risks to living in that area. Neither of these seem to be a good value for the money you would spend.

In a manufactured home, you don’t have to sacrifice. The value of your manufactured home comes from the affordability of the home within the quality of the community location. Mobile homes for sale in today’s communities are located in prime areas for urban workers, for parents concerned about their children’s education, and for anyone who wants to feel safe at night.

It’s time to ask yourself, “What would it look like to work to live?” How would things improve if your neighborhood caused you to enjoy life more? Let go of the awful commute, the threats to your safety, and the uncertainty of your children’s future; focus on a location for your new home that gives you everything. Find mobile homes for sale near you and start living.

We all work, and it’s vital to have an income; there’s no question that we should be gainfully employed. However, the cost of working shouldn’t be so much that your job only begets more work. Where is the satisfaction, the pay-off, the enjoyment that comes from a balanced life?

Instead, you could have a low-cost mortgage in a thriving neighborhood with a manufactured home.


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