How to Move Your Mobile Home: The Move + Home Installation



The transporter will proceed with the home at a fairly low rate of speed for two reasons.  First, it is dangerous hauling something this big, and he wants to keep control of this load.  Secondly although he will probable have a truck behind him to warn other drivers of his enormous girth, he is equally concerned about areas of road that are too narrow to accommodate him, or two low to clear, such as a bridge.  If he goes slow, he has more time to assess the situation and potentially pull over and stop.  The final reason is that the home could sustain damage at a high rate of speed if the wind peels back the exterior material or breaks windows, not to mention what can be broken on the inside.  If you are going to drive behind or in front of the load yourself, you will probably go nuts traveling at 50mph in a 70mph zone.

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