Before you begin looking for mobile homes to rent or purchase, you need to clearly understand these options. Buy or rent? What is the right choice? Let’s explore!

Manufactured Homes Are the New Mobile Homes!

Manufactured homes have, for the most part, taken the place of old mobile homes.  Factory built homes were commonly referred to as mobile homes before 1976 and were widely overlooked as a housing alternative. However, the scenario has changed completely as manufactured homes have become a part of the real estate mainstream that should not be ignored. 

The best part is that they are designed with much-improved construction techniques and come with high-grade building standards. These features translate into better value and more longevity.

If you’ve decided to live in a manufactured house, it indicates that you're prepared to lead a comfortable but economical lifestyle. Anyone wishing to downsize to an affordable and manageable house size or save money on monthly bills may consider one of these properties. 

Fortunately, manufactured houses are available and reasonably priced for those wishing to buy or invest in a home and those looking to rent, lease, or rent to own. In fact, they have become a cost-effective and reliable option for individuals of every income and age.


Buying vs. Renting Your Manufactured Home - What is Better

Both purchasing a manufactured house and renting one have many benefits and drawbacks. Choosing what is best for your finances, family, and future matters the most. If you want to move into a manufactured home, you can use many methods including;


Rent a Mobile Home, Rent Land

Did you know that renting land while leasing your mobile home can help reduce the down payment you need to make your dream of living in a manufactured home a reality?

Even though renting involves landlords or property management organizations, which can entail specific restrictions and regulations, you don’t have to pay for significant repairs or unexpected expenses as a renter. 

You receive all the advantages of house ownership (privacy, safety, community) when you rent a home on a rental lot in a manufactured home community, but with the comfort of professional caretaking and maintenance.

Numerous manufactured home communities provide package bundles that let you pay a single rental charge for the house and the land lot jointly. This implies that controlling your monthly bills is less of a concern. Communities frequently provide both annual and month-to-month rental agreements.


  • Lower upfront cost
  • No land preparation is required
  • Less/no responsibility for damage costs and major upkeep
  • No long-term planning for living in the home is required


  • May have landlord restrictions
  • Less control over expansion and upgrades


Rent Land, Purchase a Manufactured Home

One of the most popular options is to buy a manufactured house and install it in a community of manufactured homes on leased land. If you want to save money and have fewer monthly expenses, among other things, owning a mobile home and renting the land it is situated on can be a terrific alternative.

It is an easy way for homeowners to save money because utilities, such as sewer and trash, are sometimes lower priced or partially included. First-time buyers may be better able to qualify for mortgages with lower interest rates if they don't have to buy land upfront, but getting a conventional mortgage may be more difficult.

A loan will likely be considered for personal property rather than real estate because mortgages and loans have different functions for manufactured homes without land than site-built homes. 

People who want to eventually buy a manufactured home and property can lease their lots from manufactured home communities first, buy a used mobile home, and then use their monthly savings to buy a piece of land where they may move their mobile home.


  • No land preparations are required
  • Control over upgrades and improvements
  • Cheaper than purchasing land
  • Neighborhood and community life


  • Chargeable for all home maintenance, repairs, and emergency expenses
  • Higher initial price than renting the home


Buy Land and Purchase a Manufactured Home

Investing into private land and obtaining a manufactured home, either new or used to put on your property, sounds like an excellent idea. However, it also requires the biggest upfront cost. 

For these two large expenditures, you'll have several significant upfront charges. You'll also need to account for other costs, such as installation fees, utility connection, site preparation, property taxes, etc. 

Getting there might be a lengthy and expensive journey, but once you're established, you can get the property ownership and freedom that many people desire. 

Of the three options, buying your manufactured house plus land is the most effective way to increase equity. In contrast to manufactured dwellings, which can depreciate on their own, land virtually always increases in value. 

Even if the property is an investment, it can be worthwhile to do so to build equity and receive the best possible resale value.


  • Control over house improvements and upgrades
  • Equity growth
  • No restrictions and rules from property management and landlord


  • Higher up-front cost
  • No professional maintenance
  • Costly land preparation
  • Complex zoning codes


Renting or Buying a Manufactured Home: What Is Best for You? 

Anyone seeking economical housing and a reasonable lifestyle may consider living in a manufactured home. However, you must carefully analyze the best strategy to make this dream a reality.

The options mentioned above are some of the best ways to live in a manufactured home, regardless of whether you're ready to own a home or want to start with minimal money down.


Buying or renting a manufactured home is a great option if you’re a first-time buyer or renter. Depending on your finances and home needs, it is ideal for you to experience a community feel for a cost that is more affordable compared to a site-built home. 

To make the best decision, you can seek help from online mobile home marketplaces such as, which connects sellers and buyers to find the best mobile homes to fit their needs.