Why You Can’t Make Money Buying and Re-Selling or Renting Mobile Homes


There’s no money in owning and re-selling or renting mobile homes.  There, I’ve said it.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong.  That being said, there’s huge profit in owning and re-selling and renting mobile homes in your mobile home park as far as the increase in the value of your mobile home park property.

That is the primary difference in our opinion on this process as compared to just about everyone else.  We believe that only someone who owns the mobile home park makes money in selling and renting mobile homes, and even then, only in the increased value of the mobile home park.  If you are buying, selling, or renting mobile homes in other people’s mobile home parks, we believe that you are not creating any value with your time, effort and risk.  We have tried it, and although we have had a couple of winner deals, the loser deals far outweigh the winners.

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How to Move your Mobile Home: Choosing a Transporter part 2


You are taking on a lot of liability moving that big home down the highway.  At any given moment there could be an accident that produces fatalities, or the home could be destroyed.  Make sure that the mover has evidence of insurance, and show it to YOUR insurance agent to make sure it’s acceptable.  And the limits need to be large; you are not going to kill someone and get away with a $100,000 settlement.

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