The Ins and Outs of Mobile Home Insurance

When compared, there isn’t much difference between mobile home insurance and standard homeowners insurance. The main difference between the two is that mobile home insurance is designed for manufactured/mobile homes. If you’ve been on the hunt for this kind of coverage but didn’t know where to start looking, you’re in luck. By going online and comparing homeowners insurance quotes , you can get in touch with a wide array of homeowners insurance agents who can help you choose the most affordable and convenient mobile home insurance policy for you.

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Before You Buy or Sell a Mobile Home…

Buyers: Do not buy a used mobile home until you have:

  • Learned the value of the mobile home.
  • Been approved by the mobile home park where the home is located.
  • Thoroughly checked the condition of the home as well as research the taxes and lot rental history.

Sellers: Do not sell your mobile home until you have:

  • Learned how to value and price your mobile home.
  • Taken steps to maximize the price and salability of the home.
  • Considered the potential tax and financial benefits/consequences of selling for cash or with some type of owner financing terms.

By Frank Rolfe
Frank Rolfe is a mobile home park investor and owns over 100 parks with his partner Dave Reynolds. Frank also leads regular Mobile Home Park Investing Bootcamps through the